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Hey King, I have a tumblr 101 question for you. How do I make a text cut? Every time I try and it gives me a little 'read more' button, tumblr just eats the rest of my text and clicking 'read more' doesn't actually take you anywhere. Am I doing something wrong?

I’m not sure! I actually tried a few times and couldn’t replicate the problem!

The best advice I can come up with is to possibly add in the cut before you add in the text you’d want behind it (though i couldn’t get that to cause a problem :/), and possibly copy/paste any cut text before submitting, just in case it may get eaten?

It might not necessarily be anything you’re doing wrong, maybe it’s somehow just not working for you, idk. Sorry I couldn’t be more help :(

For everyone else’s reference, a “read more” break is placed when you hit this button while making a text post

It will usually place any text below the break behind a link on your dashboard, which is best when discussing spoilery, triggering, or just lengthy content.

thinking thoughts


I wish there was a way to customize the Tumblr dashboard. Is there? I am so sick of this blue. 

/obsessed with perfection and design gdit


If you’re on Chrome or Firefox, you can download themes for your dashboard here! Though Firefox users will need to install Greasemonkey first (chrome has greasemonkey built-in)

idk if any other browsers will be able to support this

Okay so how do I get tumblr to stop cutting off reblogs?



at the top it says this

click as

and you get a couple of options

click text

so you have this heading


I’ve explained this before, but this post has helpful graphics!

Kiiiing--help me?

How do you do a click-through screen, or a cut on Tumblr? I wanna post something kinda NSFW, but I wanna do a courtesy cut since my blog is usually PG-rated, well aside from having the f-word in the URL. lol.

I’ve been curious about that myself, so I went ahead and looked it up! Click-throughs and post-breaks are different, mostly because they apply to different types of posts. I’ll go ahead and walk you through both, with handy-dandy images! (i have been meaning to do this kind of thing from the start, it is way easier than trying to explain it with words).

Breaks apply to text posts, for when you have long paragraphs you don’t want to spam your followers dashes with (i’d imagine it’s cut on your main page too, but i’m mostly guessing), or maybe content that’s nsfw. They’re good for images as well, just be mindful of the way images are often resized in text posts, especially comics dialogue. If you have an image you don’t want resized, a click-through will be better, but we’ll get to that in a minute.

Anyway, breaks are actually pretty easy to do once you know what you’re looking for, but without knowing what it’s for you’ll prolly just be baffled about the button. It’s the one highlighted in the image below.

Again, you’ll only see it on text posts, but once you hit that button, it’ll put a horizontal line through your post that’ll separate what’ll show on the dash and what’ll be hidden behind the link.
Pretty simple, huh?

Click-throughs are for photo posts. Pretty much, if you click on the image (after it’s expanded, of course), it’ll open the link you specify. This is useful for a number of things! Say you wanted to post something spoilery from a new comic, you could just post a spoiler-warning image with a click-through to the spoiler! Or you have a very large image that tumblr would shrink far more than you’d like, just post a smaller version with a click-through to the fullsize! Or you have something nsfw, post a censored version of the picture (or just a generic nsfw warning!) then put the nsfw picture behind a click-through!
Click-throughs are also useful for linking to other pages, particularly if you want to link-credit the author of a fanart, picspam or other image (though it’s recommended in such a case that you put the link in the “content source” box at the right, which automatically sets a click-through as well as a source link in the bottom-left corner of your post).

But how do you set one up? Again, very simple. You’ll need two things. First, an imagehost outside of tumblr where your click-through image will be uploaded to. Second, a placeholder image. Start a new photo post and upload your placeholder, make any commentary you’d like, and then look just above the “Create post” button. You’ll see a link!

Put the link to your click-though image in that box it’s all set!


Remember the “reblog self" link/bookmarklet I posted a few days ago?

It botches the the html on the question itself a bit, but still!
So if you ever see someone answer something in such a right on way that you just think "I need this on my dash!" now it can be!


To reblog yourself, I made a little bookmarklet.



Drag this bookmarklet to your toolbar or bookmark it: reblog self

Use it whenever you’re on one of your own posts you wish to reblog.

Reblogging because I just used it and it is exactly what it says on the tin.

This came up in a discussion and I figured I’d reblog it so I could put it under my “tumblr 101” tag.
Also worth noting that in order to use this bookmarklet, you need to be viewing the actual page you want to reblog. On a secondary blog, you should already have the “reblog” button available, so this won’t do much in that situation. But if, for whatever reason, you need to reblog a post from your primary tumblr, this’ll make it happen.

I'll come back later for your "fan-things" post (as I believe in helping!), but in the meantime, my tumblr Yoda/Obi-Wan, can you tell me how one puts multiple pictures in a post WITHOUT having it be a slideshow? I want the images consecutively, not a slideshow. Thanks!!

The best way is making a text post. It’ll have a little “+ Upload photo” button in the corner above the toolbar that’ll let you post a series of images together.

A note though, this method isn’t recommended for comics pages, since you can’t view images on a text post in hi-res, and the fullview might not be big enough that the text is readable. Can work for single panels (and, like, any other images), though!

Hey I hope you don't mind my next "Stupid Tumblr Question of the Day"!

How exactly does Search work? It never seems to work the way I think it should/will. For example, if I say "Tuesday" and search on "My Dashboard", shouldn't it come back with all posts that have the word "Tuesday" in it somewhere? Because there are times I'm looking for a specific post which I KNOW has a certain word in it, and that post doesn't turn up!

What is going on?

Thanks for all your help and support as always!

I don’t have a full answer to this, the best I can tell you is the search is kind of bad sometimes! Hell, I just did a search on your page for Tuesday and am having very inconsistent results.

Usually when I’m looking for a specific post, I’ll just dig through my blog’s archives until I find it (you can skip around between months if the post you’re looking for is that old). Oddly enough, if I let your archives load and then search for “tuesday” from that page, I get much more complete results.

Tumblr’s search function is kind of bad, that’s really the best I can tell you. :/

fuckyeahbatgirls replied to your post:


I’ve decided to just make a tag. “tumblr 101 with your host king rockwell" is now officially a thing! If enough people ask me about stuff, I might just have to start posting elaborate tutorials! With screencaps! (seriously why haven’t i been making screencap tutorials already)

fuckyeahbatgirls replied to your post:

Also! If I like a response to something offensive, I prefer to just reblog it - because yeah, that ‘like’ will go to the original post.

That is a good point, but I tend to be careful about my post count. Especially since I told myself I’d have a fic done before I hit my 1000th post, and that’s getting way too close. Almost to 900 D:

Oh by the way, fuckyeahgothamslash!
I was talking about some weirdness with the font color when you reply using this method? Yeah, that isn’t a problem. The blue color is distracting in the text-entry field, but it’ll change to black when you publish. 

Sooo, I just figured out Tumblr crushes and you're my #1 at 16%! Which, from what I've seen, is a lot. It also means my blog is really Renee-lopsided D:
Just wanted to let you know how much I love everything you post.

PS - I hate how hard it is to talk on Tumblr! Is there something I'm missing?

Hurray! Nee-bias is the best bias!
My current crushes are kinda freaking me out because I’m not actually following any of the people on it! D: I blame reblogs (and wish it would just attribute that like to the person i saw it from, especially since sometimes i’m not liking the original post because it’s awful, but the calling-out the reblogger added (i’m never sure what to do in those circumstances because i hate that the OP might see my like and misinterpret it))

As for how to talk, it can be rough at the beginning. If someone has replies on and they’re following you, you should be able to reply to them. Anyone making replies to you should be the same. Now, if you want to reply to those replies, there are a few ways to do that.

~ I’ve seen some people make separate accounts to make additional replies to the post, but I’m not really sure about that method because the person you’re making the message to probably won’t see it.

~ Others will leave a reply in the users ask box on the topic, and then from there they can either continue that conversation between asks or maybe in pubic if the asks are published (but that would be kinda weird because it breaks up the conversation, and one that started on your dash would end up on theirs)

~ Now, what I do is copy/paste the replies into a new text post and write my reply from there. If you c/p the whole bit from the dashboard instead of your actual page, it’ll keep all of it’s formatting, including the link to the post it was in reply to (though one thing, if it was a reply to a published ask, it’ll it won’t cut it off and will leave the message on, so you might want to trim that manually). There might be some font color issues you’d have to edit the HTML on, but I’ve never actually checked if those keep after you make the post (should check next time i do this), so it might not actually be an issue. (ETA: it isn’t)

Now, as for ways you can reply to a post if the OP isn’t following you:

~ If replies are enabled, there’s also an option to allow members the OP isn’t following to reply if they’ve been following the blog for two weeks. If that option’s on, then you should be able to reply after that wait. However, any secondary tumblrs to an account (like say, my fuckyeahbluemutants, or any number of other blogs where the personal tumblr is the main and the themed tumblr is secondary (or vice versa in some cases!)) can’t turn on replies, so that’s right out for them.

~ Reblogging! Reblogs are always a good way to keep up a conversation, though that all depends on what you might want to put on your dashboard, too.

~ Drop something in the person’s ask box! Now, not everyone might have theirs open, though many do and that’ll usually get a conversation started. Though if you want to keep it private, it’s usually best to let the person know not to publish. (this doesn’t, of course, mean everything will be published unless you that it isn’t, some conversations just work better through ask-swapping, but it’s generally a good idea for the times you don’t want it to be)

I hope that helps!