Not About the Answers


“I’m still a detective.”

Hell yeah.

[52, Week 48]

The most memorable moments in DC history for women: Nominee #13


There is no question of whether today’s guest poster was a smart choice to do this memorable moment. Kingston C. Rockwell has few rivals in his knowledge of the Questions and writes regularly about both Vic Sage and Renee including on his popular Tumblr.

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Now to Nee!
She starts her career as The Question in a pretty simple ensemble, with tie, hat and overcoat.

[52 week 48]

October Madness: Results of the 13th Matchup to decide the most kick ass DC Woman


The winner of the most hotly contested match to date has been declared. With the votes from Illinois elmiminated due to voter irregularity the winner with 57% of the vote is

Renee Montoya

Awwwwww yeeeeeaaaaah.
Thanks to everyone who voted! You know our girl deserved it.


Okay, I’ve just been informed that the Illinois votes are being tossed out for ballot stuffing, and Nee’s back where she belongs: WINNING.
So I’m going to start typing normally and go back into hiding. (oh my god why does my dashboard move so quickly how did i get 120 people i’m following i might have to trim this back for my own well-being if i’m going to come back at any point)

But this doesn’t mean you should stop voting!
For Nee.
Like I’ve been saying all day.

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Dick and Renee! Dick and Renee!

He: wrestles tentacles!

She: blows them up!

Together they fight crime!

[52 week 48]


What does she see?

"Good question."

[52 week 42]


Four days later, she’s ready to look at what’s waiting ahead of her.

[52 week 42]




My second OTP:

Kate and Renee- This was probably another easy assumption for you guys to make. They really belong together regardless of the issues they may or may not have. It just must be. I like that they fight. It’s real. They’re both such passionate characters and they just work SO well together. Ugh. I love it.

Seconding this!  I love them together.

Hahaha, this panel keeps showing up on my dash. I think fuckyeahcomicrelationships might’ve reblogged it from me just yesterday. As for Nee/Kate, I get the appeal and it definitely has OTP potential, but I like them as exes, personally. I am looking forward to what kind of romantic interests JH3 might be setting up for Kate in the upcoming Batwoman series (and i hope that he does), but I’d be happy enough if Nee just got more (no-)face-time, single or not.

Granted, if they did start seeing each other again, Nee’d get that face-time in the Batwoman series, so there’s that.  …But she’d also have to be back in Gotham on a semi-permanent basis, and I’m a little uneasy about that.


To celebrate my 200th post, I made a collage of 25 moments of faceless humor, going all the way from 1986 to 2009! Hope you enjoy it, and make sure to check it out in high-res! (hurm, tumblr’s high-res cuts it to about a third of the size, try this one)

i’ll have to make a key later, i am way too burnt out to source all of these right now
aaaaaa it is so off-balance