Not About the Answers


Here’s the DCU panel. The highlight - Didio on people being upset with Lian being killed:

You’re definitely not alone in this opinion,” DiDio said to the fan. “But let me ask you a question — do you have any kids? In this particular case, most of the people who were most upset about this story had small children. They felt pain and anguish. To get that level of empathy from the storytelling that both James and JT did is amazing.

They still don’t get it. That wasn’t empathy. It was disgust. And I would like to know how many people who don’t have kids were upset by the poor writing that killed off a child? And how do they even know any of this? Just stop talking about it beyond, “it was choice we made and we’re sorry it upset so many people but we felt it was the right choice for the book.” It’s not a statement I agree with but please stop DiDio from riffing on it.


At the @dc_nation panel.

I don’t have children (though i have a niece and two nephews), was upset by it. Most of the people I know who reacted negatively, to my knowledge, don’t have children. And this is such an awful way to dismiss those reactions. “Oh they were just imagining themselves in that position and deeply upset by it, we’re still awesome!” What about the parents who have lost children, especially young ones?

It’s like you said, this isn’t empathy, it’s disgust. Also ignores how it fits into the pattern of killing characters of color, or the especial marginalization of characters of East Asian descent.

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