Not About the Answers

by request! :D

Starting off, we have Gardevoir. Able to see the future clearly, this is one that’s especially known for protecting its friends at any cost. So pretty much Babs in Pokemon form.

Porygon was created through computer programming and was able to interface with data directly. Porygon2 was an upgrade, but Porygon-Z here is a corruption of that upgrade. Essentially a living computer glitch, or perhaps a virus. Babs would’ve made her own Dubious Disc (assuming she didn’t make the first one to begin with).

Crobat because sometimes you just can’t cut all ties.

Rotom is known for invading and disrupting electrical systems. I shouldn’t even have to explain this one.

Loudred is representative of Dinah. Seriously, Dinah would love Loudred.

And you had goddamn better believe she hacked herself a Missingno. I was almost going to write this off as too silly to include and find Babs a nice Fighting-type, but thankfully Wundy talked me into keeping it.

This good enough for you, Blue?

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