Not About the Answers
In which I rant about Queerness in Comics


In all seriousness, in the comics business, once you create a character—that is it. That character is not yours anymore. It’s up for grabs for anyone to use. Yes, there is a thing called respect where some writers won’t touch a character since the writer has basically made their imprint on them. But, if it has been 10+ years and that character is in limbo, it will be picked up and messed with. If it’s been five years and there has been no lasting impression made, why not put your own spin on it?

The biggest case against all this ‘you’re just SEEING things’ shit is Rictor and Shatterstar. For years, the subtext has been there whether intentional or not. They have also changed through many writers, so it wasn’t just one person feeding the audience. People have speculated, fought, and grabbed on for more subtext, never imagining that it would EVER be canon. Then a writer took this idea and decided, “WHY THE FUCK NOT” and you know what? People love it.

There’s people who hate it. Who will scream. Like Liefeld going on about how that’s not how he imagined Shatterstar—well, guess what? Not your character. He’s been through many hands after you, Liefeld. 

Yes, platonic relationships exist, but you have to look at the context of the story, the characters, the chemistry, the dynamics of their relationship. There’s characters I like as just friends and characters I like as lovers all varying in gender, age, ethnicity, etc. And yeah, a lot of my speculation is queer. Because I’m queer. And I never see queer characters in comics. When I do, they are background characters or titillating accessories (Greg Land drawing Shan with her one-panel girlfriend). Usually, entirely new characters are created so as not to offend people by outing an already established character.

I love Renee Montoya. I like that Batwoman is getting her own title. I like Obsidian having a steady boyfriend and being a member of the JSA. I like Rictor and ‘Star together. I like Wiccan and Hulkling together too.

But Xavin still left the Runaways book for space. Wiccan and Hulkling still have not had an on-panel kiss. Northstar took years to get a boyfriend and it had to be a newly created character despite the perfect set-up for Iceman. Anole’s first storyline was going to be about his suicide. Shan doesn’t have a girlfriend, at least one we have seen more than once or has any development. There’s still no trans characters in comics that we know of. Characters are still defaulted to heterosexual despite being aliens or from the fucking future. Gay characters are still getting fridged. Bisexual characters are still getting ignored (When is Wonder Woman going to have a girlfriend?).

Now look at those two paragraphs and compare. Second one looks awfully big, doesn’t it? Yeah, I thought so.

And what’s wrong with liking my gay porn? At least I’m not ashamed of my sexual needs and drives.

Fuck the naysayers.

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