Not About the Answers

Today I felt ashamed for never realizing the pun in V. Sage before.

Also putting way too much thought into Earth-10 counterparts.

  1. (Charlotte) Victoria Sage
  2. René Montoya
  3. Aristoclea Rodor
  4. I like Alessio Bertinelli but I’m not totally attached to it. Could also go with her brother’s name, Pino.
  5. Dario Hernandez
  6. Kaleb Kane
  7. Myron Connelly
  8. Isabelle O’Toole


  1. swatkat reblogged this from thefallenblue and added:
    BARNABY GORDON? Do his friends call him BARNEY? Does he wear suits?
  2. evillordzog reblogged this from thefallenblue and added:
    Bruce -> From “Robert the Bruce” -> Roberta Richard -> Powerful Leader -> Ricarda. Variants include Richelle, and...
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    I had Barbara use that name, once! It wasn’t Earth 10, though, it was an AU in which she pretended to be male to fight...
  4. evillordzog answered: Well, the obvious answer is to look up the meaning of the name and use that as your gender pivot
  5. thefallenblue reblogged this from fullofwhoa and added:
    Or we could go with Dixon’s weird “it’s short for Edward” thing. Edward probably goes to Elizabeth or Emily. And that’s...
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    WAIT, WAIT, I GOT IT: Delores Grayson. (See: that episode of Seinfeld where Jerry thought his girlfriend’s name might be...
  7. gargoylekitty said: I have a few pages of my sketchbook with a redhaired guy in a red and black batsuit with the name Kaleb Kane next to it. ;p Though I went for Renato for Renee.
  8. fullofwhoa answered: Barnaby Gordon, hello.
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    Brenda Wayne Jasmine Alice Todd I tend to go with Robert/Bobby Gordon, it doesn’t quite work but I like it better than...
  10. fannybawws said: I like those! Rene’ Montoya’s my favorite because it sounds French.
  11. fannybawws answered: *thinks about it* Oh my gosh! It is a pun! Don’t feel bad, it took me years to pick up on Scott Free.
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