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I agreed with you until I got to the heteronormativity part. That’s you misconstruing things to make a problem that isn’t there. Without doubt, making a joke out of sexuality apart from “the norm” is certainly as bad as jokes about alcoholism and abuse, but at least alcoholism and abuse are present in the story to hate.

tbh i can’t help wondering if maybe you don’t really understand what the word “heteronormativity” means? because nothing in the context of how you’re using it in your reblog here seems to indicate that you do

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    I’ll concede your point there. But does Homestuck really need to have a properly represented homosexual pairing to make...
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    Yes, excellent point. I grew up in the restaurant world and ever since I was a kid I was accustomed to talking openly...
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    Yeah, there is definitely that fact. The trolls, much as I love them, are still largely auxiliary to the story, and...
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    um okay so supposedly you’re following me have you like never actually seen my posts before now or what i’m honestly...
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    right, yes i mean i can comprehend why mom being drunk could be uncomfortable-making for people! but yes these are good...
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    i hate reblogging things like this on my phone because your entire post disappears, but i’m going to respond to it...
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    More thoughts on Mom and alcohol, though not mine as frankly I still haven’t assembled mine coherently. It is an issue I...
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    I suspect part of why Mom’s substance use is drawing flak but Gamzee’s didn’t is that Mom is human. It’s easier to hold...
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    Yes thank you - sure being a sixteen year old who drinks may not be the best thing, and I didn’t drink at sixteen, but...
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    hey ho this entire post also yeah i totally agree i think that judging from the relationship dynamic in the lalonde...
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    yes yes all of this
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    If anything those are the sorts of people that flip their shit over Tavros being called crippled or Vriska being called...
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    >abuse as a joke when john and his dad were fighting with a cake? i hate you op.
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    Yeah, this. Honestly nothing about these pesterlogs, nor anything else in Homestuck has suggested to me that Mom is an...
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