Not About the Answers

but like half of these are 100% wrong

i mean, really really wrong



dat ass, a study in maximoffs

i was just regretting how few panels there are of mckelvie’s tommy, but that one of them is a buttshot is something i appreciate



Hank McCoy, Beast.

Art by Carlo Pagulayan

hottie alert



omg i did it

i cant believe it myself

art credits are on power point but i did jack a few of the log screen shots from runnet!! inspiration taken from this lovely davejade psa and my love for johnroxy

edit: psst part 2 added

a good ship that is worth shipping


Car Ride [x]


hello tumblr i bought a tablet and drew a daughter grub

i feel like the head should be bigger than it is


i am opening the floor to commissions! all prices are in new zealand dollars.

this includes whatever you’d like! i am happy to take commission for fandoms outside of homestuck, and i really enjoy drawing original characters. as for the simple gif animations, this includes hovering, blinking, smiling, colour changing, eyebrow wiggling, anything that you can think of that wouldn’t be too complex for me to add to your picture!

if you have any questions about pricing, asking me to attempt something more complicated in the gif. department, or would like to commission me for a picture, my email address is (or you could flick me an ask through this blog or my main blog!) 

(i forgot to add it up there in picture format, but it’s +2$ if you’d like to add any additional characters! thank you for reading!!)



Hank McCoy by Evan Doc Shaner

tumblr i would like to stop in for a moment to discuss the fact that henry mccoy’s initial mutation is in fact a terminal case of yaoi hands


Hey so uhh fandom

I was going through a bunch of ripped sprites that I have

And I was just wondering if anyone could tell me


the short explanation is it didn’t.

the long one comes from this pixel dump from a member of the art team



a commissioned birthday gift; it was super fun to do

oh and this is one skalja got me :D